You may have noticed that I have erased all evidence of my older works.

I’ve very recently shifted to a new drum n’ bass production style involving frequent, personal vocal work and best of all, no more rushed projects! .. Hopefully.

The way I’m going about this new style doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of my work over the years, so I thought that it’s about time I started fresh.

I’ll be spending this break putting together some ideas for future releases, learning new techniques, renewing older concepts, and organizing ( or reorganizing, take your pick ) pretty much everything. I also plan to remodel some pages of the websites I reside in, that being Tumblr, YouTube, Bandcamp, FurAffinity, Weasyl, and Newgrounds ( I also plan to get a HOUNDWIRE Soundcloud sometime soon ).

Be sure to remain following / subscribed / watching for any more updates!


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